Family resort in Gallura in Sardinia

In the beauty of Gallura, Aldiola Country Resort welcomes families in an environment of luxury and comfort. With tailor-made services for adults and children, this resort is the ideal choice for an unforgettable stay in Sardinia.

Aldiola's family rooms are designed to offer space and comfort for all families. Furnished with style and equipped with modern amenities, they are the perfect refuge after a day of adventures in Gallura.

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Aldiola offers a wide range of activities for all ages. From children's cooking classes to family excursions, every moment is an opportunity to share special experiences and create lasting memories.

The Aldiola restaurant offers menus specially designed for younger guests. With delicious and nutritious options, children will be able to enjoy dishes suited to their tastes, while parents know they are offering them the best.

Choose Aldiola Country Resort, family resort in Gallura Sardinia

While children have fun in the pool, adults can enjoy moments of relaxation. The panoramic swimming pool and green spaces offer a haven of tranquility for the whole family.

Discover Sardinian hospitality and book your family stay at Aldiola Country Resort. A resort where the well-being of adults and children is the priority, guaranteeing an unforgettable holiday in Gallura.